Letter of Appeal

Dear Friends, 


It seems we are living at time with many conditions of human misery-unspeakable acts of terror,

mass shootings,refugees, violence,homelessness, proverty among others.  You and I may not

be able  to address all of these conditions.  But we can do our part to respond to the inquiry of

George Eliot in a favorite quotation: "What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?"


Perry Center, Inc. is working to make life less difficult and more economically secure for

 low-income families.  In carrying out our mission, we continue to help families out of poverty and

to prevent young people from living in poverty as adults.  Depsite the redevelopment occuring around the Perry Center, many units of public and subsidized housing exist and more being added.  We also find that we are serving people in need throughout D.C.  Our adult education program has students from seven of D.C.'s eight wards.


Education is critical componet of our efforts.  Our Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters(HIPPY) program served 60 youngsters last year with 58 completing the 30-week core curriculum.  Through weekly home visits and monthly parent meetings, we educate and encourage parents to take positive steps in employment, education, housing or health to improve family conditions.  Last year 36 parents did so.  The Hester family is notable example.

Ms. Hester was unemployed and now has a full time job and has been approved for stable housing. One child graduated from the program and is doing well in school and a second child is in the program this year. Our after school program and summer camp foster the broad development of elementary-school youth. The programs feature tutoring and academic enhancement through students from many local universities, computer learning, arts and crafts, health and nutrition, violence prevention, recreation and field trips and nurtritious meals.


Adult education not only advances undereducated adults toward GED degrees, but also assists students with post-secondary education and emlpoyment.  We are incorporating Occupational Literacy into the program to make students more job ready and better able to take advantage

of employment opportunities.  


Please help us to help others toward better lives and brighter futures with a generous gift to

Perry Center, Inc.  today.  You can help make difficult lives less difficult for those in need.