Family to Family

The Perry School Community Service Center (PSCSC) Inc. Family to Family  (FTF) Mentor Program combines the positivity of self –sufficient family with TANF recipients or at-risk family within the PSCSC service area. The purpose of the PSCSC Inc., FTF Mentor Program is to assist families struggling to obtain self-sufficiency due to peer pressure, and high-risk factors with their family structure. The PSCSC Inc., FTF Mentor Program provides case management, workforce development, and family activities to support the at-risk family in reaching their goal of self – sufficiency in life. The Program is fully committed in its efforts to combat the chronic poverty within our community.  Today, we would like to ask that you join us by becoming a volunteer in the Family to Family Mentor Program. If you interested in this endeavor, please contact Mr. Christopher Tobias: email