Economic Empowerment

The Perry Center helps people to overcome obstacles, obtain and maintain careers, and achieve family-sustaining wages.

To Enroll, Call:

(202) 312-2449

Youth Development

Serve youth from 2 to 18. Programs include a preschool program for youngsters ages 2-5, an after school program for youth ages 5-18, and summer camp for youth ages 5-13.

Perry Stories

"…all my life I thought that no one could teach me on how to be interviewed. Guess what? I was wrong. From the first day to the third week course, I was edified. It brought me to a better understanding about being myself in a professional way. I was outspoken, but this class “Job Readiness” helped me to really think and to choose the best words I needed in a proper setting.​"  - Charles, Work Development Program Participant

Fred had a job, but was in danger of demotion or termination. He was in the GED program for 5-6 months and used that training to get a high school diploma in Prince George’s County. He received a promotion in his work amounting to $7-$8 more per hour.