Making Camp Dream Real for Our Youth 

Dear Friends, 


" Summer ... and the livin is easy' goes the song from Porgy and Bess.  But the "livin" is not  always easy for young people  from low-income communities.  If they have little or nothing to do, they are confronted with many issues- summer learning loss, temptations toward delinquency,physical lethargy, anger at youth who have positive and enriching summer activities, among others


But the "livin" is easy and enriching for young people able  to attend Perry Center, Inc.'s Camp Dream.  They will have six weeks - 30 days- packed with activities that stretch and strengthen the mind and body.  You can help create a summer that accentuates the positive and eliminates the negative for young people in need.  You can help us create a full summer experience for our youth- an experiece that includes academic learning, health and nutrition, arts and crafts, computer skills, conflict resolution and violence prevention, yoga and dance, recreation, cultural and educaitonal field trips, and nutritious meals- all in a spirit of fun.  Our summer camp also serves graduates of our Hippy preschool program.  The camp ensures that they are fully ready to enter school with one-on-one and group tutoring in reading, math and social studies and knowledge of basic information. 


Thank you for giving our young people a Camp Dream experience this summer.

Summer 2016 Appeal