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Summer Appeal 2017

Dear Friends, 

An article on summer learning loss notes that "the gap in the learning cycle which occurs during summer vacation is more prominent for children that are less advantaged.  Children who are the most susceptible  are those from lower socio-economic backgrounds, ethnic minorities and students with exceptionalities...Further it is predominantly literacy related skills that are affected the most...Low-income parents often lack the resources to provide children with sufficient reading material needs to reinforce important literacy skills".

This is why literacy is so critical in the summer camp of Perry Center, Inc. Camp activities for graduates of out preschool feature literacy through group reading  and one-on-one tutoring to make sure that the youth are fully ready to enter school. For other youth, literacy is stressed through daily tutoring.  The camp has a host of other activities-computers,violence prevention, arts and crafts, health and nutrition, recreation, yoga and dance, gardening and field trips- that foster the development of youth academically, mentally, morally and physically. These positive activities prevent not only summer learning  loss but also the likelihood of delinquency when  youth have nothing to do.


Making Camp Dream Real for Our Youth