One Day- 24 hours -may not have great meaning or importance. But you can make one day very important to Perry Center, Inc. and very meaningful for the low-income families and youth we serve. That day is from 12:00 noon on Wednesday, May 22 to 12:00 noon on Thursday, May 23. That day is Do More 24 Day in  the Washington Metropolitan area. It is a day of giving to support the programs and services of Perry Center, Inc. and other non-profits in the area.

The Washington Post recently noted that poor people were being forced out of Washington, D.C. because they cannot afford it, and that one of the places people were leaving from ward 6 which the Perry Center is located.  But our efforts are not to force out poor people but to help up poor people- to them  above the poverty level-through education,employment and effort. We have helped hundreds of people to do so.  Your contribution supports programs in family mentoring, adult education and employment counseling and assistance, and youth programs in preschool education, after school education and summer camp.  These programs guide adults toward gainful employment and educate and encourage youth toward college education.

Donating is easy. Just click Donate Now button. Then make your donation. Please be generous on this day of giving.  Help us to help others in need and give low-income families a hand up the economic ladder rather than a hand out of the city. Thank you for your generosity.

Paul McElligott

Executive Director