Perry School Center Stories

As many direct service providers know it is difficult to measure the success of our services with statistics only.  At the Perry Center, Inc. our impact in D.C. is best demonstrated through the stories of clients, neighbors, volunteers and supporters.


Sharlene Knows the
GED Program

​Sharlene has a goal to become a sous chef, to keep growing and to master all the steps in the culinary field.  This Shaw neighborhood native comes from a family of chefs, cooking is in her blood. But as a student at Dunbar High School she went off path and lost sight of that goal. 

Years later, after many life battles, she decided to move forward and the only way to do that was get her GED and enroll in culinary school. Other GED programs didn’t work, until with the help of the “amazing” staff at the Perry Center, Inc. she was able to focus and learn the necessary studying skills to further her education.

“The Perry Center GED program is for people who want to learn and need to learn. My classmates came a long way, and that has a lot to do with the instructors, they took us forward.”

Ms. Hunt hopes to complete her circle with the Perry Center by one day volunteering and perhaps hold healthy food demonstrations for the Perry Community, but for now she is well on her way to the GED certificate and is happily enrolled at the highly competitive Carlos Rosario International Charter School - Culinary Program.

Tim Knows the
Joy of Volunteering

Tim has been volunteering at the Perry School Community Services
Center, Inc. since high school. As a student at Gonzaga College High School he tutored students in the Center in collaboration with Georgetown University.

Now, 8 years later, he is the co-chair of the Perry Young Leadership
Council – leading a dozen young professionals in advocacy,
fundraising and volunteer opportunities at the Center.

“The Perry Center is one of those few nonprofits that makes visible and
impactful changes in people’s lives” He says.